Bryson's Bulldogs - Undeniable Excellence for Betterment of the Breed
About Us! Kim and I, became involved with Bulldogs, when my son purchased a Bulldog puppy; Winston, for us for Christmas. I had always told my children, when I get a Bulldog, Im going to name him Winston, in honor of Winston Churchill. The breeder was quite proud of his litter, and recommend that we show Winston, as he had Champion bloodlines! We did just that, and found that while he may have come from Champion bloodlines, he did not have the qualities that needed to be used in breeding. But Winston taught me alot about handling, and Kim and I both were blessed to become friends with many world-class Bulldog Breeders along the way. We acquired our first true "Showdog" from David and Denise Clark. They, along with many others had watch our progress in the ring, and  collectively came to the conclusion that they better show us how or shoot us, because we weren't going away! We picked up Duchess(Clarks Duchess of Westbury)  who became our first Champion! In the whelpbox, she produced a litter of 6 puppies, sired by MBISS CH. Adamant Warlock. Of that litter, we have one Grand Champion, Gunney, owned by Dave and Denise Clark, Ward McAfee, and Bob Pittman, Champion Brysons Royal Wizard of Westbury, and Champion Bryson's Stewie. From Duchess and BISS Ch Clarks and Pittmans  Little Jr, came Champion Bryson's Lord Barnabus Pugglesworth. Co-Owned and shown exclusively by Dawn Ciarlone.  This makes Duchess eligible for induction into the BCA Hall of Fame, as a HoF Brood Bitch, for producing 4 Champions.We are the Central Oklahoma volunteers for BCARN, the Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network. 
   Oh and what ever became of Winston? Well, he was neutered and became the best pet Bulldog that anyone could ask for, which was what he was supposed to be in the first place. He enjoys being "Uncle Winston", teaching the lil ones Bulldog Etiquette.(see, Youtube: Bulldog Boogie. or  All of the lights of Bryson's Bulldogs).
 Health testing is a paramount focus in our program:
Kim and I maintain that these guys and gals are pets first, showdogs second, and always, the love of our lives.   We are members of the BCA, The Oklahoma City Bulldog Club, and are the Central Oklahoma volunteers for BCARN. We are AKC Breeders of Merit,and are also listed on the BCA Breeder Referral.
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